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Do You Need to Hire a Probate Attorney?

If you are the executor, trustee, or personal representative of an estate charged with paying debts and distributing an individual’s assets to loved ones and beneficiaries, there are many steps that you must follow in order to ensure a fair and timely transfer of wealth. While hiring a probate attorney is not always necessary, probate court is a complicated administrative process that can cost you a lot of time, money, and stress without the services of an experienced and knowledgeable probate attorney in the villages, fl.

How a Probate Attorney Can Help

Besides offering legal advice and helping you understand the probate administration process, a professional probate attorney can assist you with:

Filing the Will

Because the deceased’s testamentary will must be authenticated before any funds are transferred to beneficiaries, the speed at which it is filed will determine the length of probate A probate attorney can help you file the legal document or navigate state and federal laws to determine how the estate is distributed in the event that a will does not exist.

Notifying Beneficiaries

A probate attorney will assist you in notifying any and all estate heirs and beneficiaries of their potential inheritance.

Handling Displeased Beneficiaries

If the will is contested, an experienced probate attorney will provide valuable assistance in appeasing, reassuring, and dealing with family members who complain of unfair or disproportionate distribution of assets.

Appraising the Property

You will receive much-needed help from your probate attorney in obtaining the services of an appraiser, as all estate property and assets must be inventoried to determine the true overall value of the estate.

Paying Taxes and Distributing Assets

If the estate has sufficient assets, all taxes and creditors must be paid off. Your probate attorney will assist you with distributing any leftover funds to the beneficiaries in accordance to the will and state laws.

Fulfilling Executor Duties

A probate attorney can also take over the duties of executor or personal representative of a will in a private manner that is quick, efficient, and inexpensive.

Expert Probate Assistance

If you feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities as executor of an estate, let the Attorneys at the BCN Law Firm help. Serving the surrounding Lake, Sumter, and South Marion communities, we can help make sure your probate documents are in order and provide you with peace-of-mind that the wishes of your loved one will be carried out. Visit our office in The Villages or contact the BCN Law Firm today!