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BCN Law Firm Ready to Help Women with Ovarian Cancer in the Talcum Powder Mass Tort Lawsuit

Talcum powder and talc-based products have been staples in households for years in the United States. Whether they were used to prevent chaffing, soothe dry skin, treat eczema, set make-up, or for intimate hygiene, talcum powder has probably been in your home at some point.

Although scientific research made an association between talcum powder or talc-based products and ovarian cancer as far back as the 1970s, more concrete evidence has come to light that the use of the powder may result in ovarian cancer, especially when used for intimate female hygiene, and a recent case against Johnson & Johnson proves there is significance in these scientific discoveries.

Fight for Your Rights

Contact BCN Law Firm if you are currently fighting or have previously battled ovarian cancer, and you think it may have been a result of regular talcum powder or talc-based product use. We will help ease some of the pain you are facing during this challenging time by helping you receive the financial support you deserve for not being properly warned about the potential effects of talcum powder or talc-based products.

A study from June 2013 published by the Journal of Cancer Prevention Research evaluated data from eight research papers involving 2,000 women and concluded women increased their risk of ovarian cancer between 20 and 30 percent if they had used talcum powder for intimate personal hygiene. In addition, a woman was granted $55 million in damages from Johnson & Johnson after claiming its talcum powder-based Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower Powder caused her ovarian cancer.

For more information, or if you have, or have had, ovarian cancer you think may have been caused by the use of talcum powder or a talc-based product, call BCN Law Firm now at 855-LAW2020 for a free consultation*.