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The Benefits of Having an Attorney When Filing for Bankruptcy

Those who are struggling with debt and facing foreclosure can declare bankruptcy in order to consolidate their debt, reestablish their credit, and avoid financial ruin. While you are allowed to represent yourself when filing for bankruptcy relief, doing so is not advisable. Here are some of the benefits of having an attorney when filing for… View Article

Do You Need to Hire a Probate Attorney?

If you are the executor, trustee, or personal representative of an estate charged with paying debts and distributing an individual’s assets to loved ones and beneficiaries, there are many steps that you must follow in order to ensure a fair and timely transfer of wealth. While hiring a probate attorney is not always necessary, probate… View Article

Protecting Children During Divorce

When divorce is on the table for discussion, one of the first issues that should be addressed is the well-being of any children involved. Divorce has proven to potentially cause issues for children as they grow, often manifesting itself in problems with peer-relation, self-esteem, poorer academic performance, aggressive behavior, health issues, and even depression. Though… View Article

Get Back on Your Feet After Bankruptcy

If you’ve just filed for bankruptcy, you likely feel a sense of relief as your past debts are discharged and you’re starting fresh. There’s one issue though – you now have a flag on your credit report. What can you do to help correct the negative impact that Chapter 7 bankruptcy has had on your… View Article

Tips for Choosing the Right Estate Planner

When it comes to planning an estate, your choice of attorney is critical. Your attorney should have an intimate knowledge of all applicable laws and should be able to draft any necessary documents while clearly explaining the complex legal and tax issues along the way. Here are a few tips to get you started in… View Article

What Qualifies as a Wrongful Death?

Defined in the legal world as the death of an individual due to a reckless or negligent act of another person or entity, wrongful death is a claim often made by immediate family to secure compensation for emotional and financial damages. What does the law define as wrongful death? The law looks at four elements… View Article

Considerations Surrounding Special Needs Dependents

For parents with special needs dependents, whether they be minors or adults, caring for them is naturally a top priority. One of the biggest concerns regarding special needs dependents is determining who will care for them once their parents are unable to do so themselves, as they often require constant personal care or financial assistance…. View Article

The Fastest Way to Get Power of Attorney

Looking for a power of attorney, and you need it fast? You may want to slow down a bit. Powers of attorney are legal documents that give another person (the Agent) authority to act for the person signing the form (the Principal.) They provide powerful protection in some of the worst circumstances, but if you… View Article

All You Need to Know About Durable Power of Attorney

Granting a trusted person the authority to act on your behalf in the event that you become unable is the common legal process of power of attorney. There are three variations of this process: general power of attorney, limited power of attorney, and medical power of attorney. However, there are also durable powers of attorney that… View Article

What is Probate Administration?

When a loved one passes away, their individual assets and assets owned as a joint tenant are managed and distributed through an administrative process called probate. Probate administration is a complicated process that can be costly, time-consuming, and difficult to navigate if an estate plan has not been prepared. Being knowledgeable about the probate administration… View Article