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Debt Settlement

Every day, good people get behind in their payments. It doesn’t take long before collection calls can become harassing.

At BCN Law Firm, we have negotiated with creditors, including banks, mortgage companies and credit card companies, to help settle hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding debt for individuals and families who otherwise would have faced bankruptcy. In these cases, bankruptcy was not the best option, and legal representation by our debt-settlement attorneys kept our clients from taking this big step.

By demonstrating to creditors they will get more by settling than if a client files for bankruptcy, BCN attorneys have been very successful in reducing outstanding debt.

Debt settlement often has less of an impact on your credit. It can help you avoid the expense and embarrassment of a lawsuit, and reduce the worry over going to court.

It may also help you avoid wage garnishment or the levying of your bank accounts. If you have assets, but not enough to entirely pay your creditors, debt settlement may be right for you.

To learn more about what BCN Debt Settlement Attorneys can do for you, contact us for a free consultation*.