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Facing the decision to file for bankruptcy can be one of the most difficult choices in a person’s lifetime. We know for many retirees in The Villages® community, large medical bills can create a nearly impossible financial hole to climb out of. Bankruptcy can help you in this situation and possibly reduce or even wipe away your medical bills.

Regardless of what caused your financial situation, once the decision is made to file for bankruptcy, however, it can also be the best way to move forward, and to regain your peace-of-mind. Bankruptcy can stop harassing creditors from calling or turning up on your doorstep. It will end wage garnishment, which means you will be able to afford life’s necessities.

Bankruptcy can also help struggling businesses reorganize or discharge their debts, and allow them to continue to operate during difficult times.

While filing for bankruptcy should be considered a last resort, BCN attorneys who focus on bankruptcy will help you look at all your options before making that decision. Once the decision is made, they will help you plan wisely making the process easier for you.

Bankruptcy could be an answer to foreclosure, garnished wages or repossessions. However, once you decide to find relief from debts you are in no position to pay, putting off the inevitable can have devastating consequences. Not moving forward in a timely manner, could mean losing assets you needn’t lose such as your car, your wages or your home. Filing your case in a timely fashion can spare you these losses.

BCN Bankruptcy Attorneys understand all the ins and outs of Chapter 7 (liquidation, or straight bankruptcy), and Chapter 13 (reorganization). If you are close to foreclosure on your home, declaring bankruptcy may stop it from proceeding and may even allow the creation of a payment structure that lets you pay off your overdue amounts.

It’s possible that bankruptcy may allow your car or other property to be given back to you if they have been repossessed by a creditor.

You may have more than one of these issues overlapping in your life and bankruptcy may be the best and most logical way to start your financial life over. Call us today to learn your options. The consultation is always free.